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A bridge of international communication and understanding
As the year of America's bicentennial approached a group of private American citizens with long connections to the Kingdom of Morocco, established a non-governmental organization, The Tangier American Legation Museum Society (TALMS), to administer the Tangier American Legation Museum (TALIM). Its Board is composed of eminent scholars, diplomats, and personalities from the private sector. Through its grants, conferences, research library, public visitor and social outreach programs, TALIM provides a bridge of communication and understanding between the U.S., Morocco, and countries around the world.

A national historic landmark of the U.S
TALIM receives thousands of visitors throughout the year—not only from Morocco and the U.S. but from France, Spain, Great Britain, Eastern Europe,and as far away as Japan and China. The Museum is a national historic landmark of the U.S. located in the old city. The 45 room complex is filled with engravings and paintings that are attractively displayed in its well-appointed public galleries. The Museum preserves the heritage of America and Morocco, reminding visitors of the long and friendly relationship with this moderate North African nation.

Affiliated with The American Institute for Magrhib Studies (AIMS)...
As the representative of The American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) in Morocco, TALM has hosted many AIMS conferences on a wide variety of subjects –the status of women in North Africa, the walled Arab city in history, environmental issues, language in North Africa, North African literature, and in 2004 a conference on Rethinking the Jewish Presence in North Africa . Through these periodic AIMS conferences, TALIM encourages communication among North African scholars introducing them to the resources of the TALM research library. The AIMS Maghribi scholar program administered in Morocco by TALM, compliments this objective by offering short term grants to Tunisian and Algerian scholars to conduct research in Morocco.

A unique and comprehensive research library
TALIM research library operations are financed through a grant from AIMS. Administered by a fulltime librarian, the research library contains a comprehensive collection of books, monographs, maps, photographs, and articles on Morocco and North Africa, perhaps the most comprehensive in the region. Researchers from North Africa, Europe, and the U.S. have made extensive use of the library.

Annual April Seminars on timely issues
The annual April Seminars are held under the patronage of King Mohammed VI. The first day is devoted to important economic issues and on the second day local conservation issues. Past seminars have brought together senior officials from the World Bank, from the Moroccan government, and from international U.S. business firms. The theme of the April Seminars in 2003 and 2004 was the U.S.-Moroccan Free Trade Agreement now ratified by the two countries. The theme of the April Seminar in 2005 was the impact of the new 1 billion dollar Tangier-Mediterranean port on the economy of the northern region of Morocco. The second seminar on April 9th discussed the importance of preserving Morocco's archaeological and cultural sites during a time of rapid economic growth. In 2006, the theme of the April Seminars was "Collaborative Relationships in Public Diplomacy" with presentations by: retired career ambassador, Thomas Pickering; the Moroccan Minister for Social Development; the Director of the UN Office for West Africa; the CEO of the Port of Baltimore; and the head of the new container port (TANMED) in Northern Morocco. In 2007, TALIM hosted a plenary session of the Moroccan American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange (MACECE) that administers the Fulbright grant program.

Networking with American overseas research centers
Through a grant from the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC), TALIM provided bibliographic data on its research library holdings for inclusion in the Automated Overseas Digital Library. AODL. This project allows researchers at CAORC's 24 overseas research centers to consult the catalogues in other centers through the internet.

An active and expanding social outreach program
Finally, the American Legation is engaged in an active and expanding social outreach program working in partnership with a Moroccan NGO (la Fondation Tanger Al Madina) headquartered at the Museum. TALIM and the Moroccan foundation are dedicated to improving the lives and environment of Moroccans living in the old city. For the past eight years TALIM has hosted literacy classes for neighborhood women and offered a lecture series on such issues as public health, family rights legislation, and communication. TALIM also offers sewing and English lessons and activities for neighborhood youth. For several years, TALIM hosted a Rotary Club micro-credit program that disbursed nearly 500 loans to medina women interested in starting their own business. Through a grant from the American Ambassador's Cultural Preservation Fund, a historic square in the medina was renovated by the Tangier medina foundation.

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