Image Gallery

Below are some of the wonderful sights in store for you at the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies. Click on any of the pictures for an enlarged view.

01 TALIM sign sm 02 rue dAmerique street sign sm 03 TALIM architectural drawing sm
04 TALIM balcony from afar sm 05 TALIM balcony from below sm 06 TALIM balcony from below through railing sm
07 TALIM balcony sm 08 TALIM balcony hallway sm 09 TALIM seal sm
10 TALIM crossing over alley2 sm 11 TALIM scrapbook sm 12 TALIM crest4 sm
13 TALIM safe sm 14 TALIM ceiling sm 15 TALIM patio tile sm
16 TALIM reception room1 sm 17 TALIM reception room2 sm 18 TALIM reception room sm
19 TALIM meeting room sm 20 TALIM dining room sm 21 TALIM sitting room sm
22 TALIM alcove sm 23 TALIM lantern sm 24 TALIM photos sm
25 TALIM artwork1 sm 26 TALIM artwork2 sm 27 TALIM artwork3 sm
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